continued medical coding education

Continued Medical Coding Education Initiatives at YES

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In the last decade, operational and patient data have been digitized by the healthcare industry. Digitization has made immediate access to information easier and improved the efficiency of patient outcomes for healthcare professionals. Automation has revolutionized the healthcare industry, making day-to-day processes more practical and cost effective across the board. It is no surprise that automated education within the healthcare industry has quickly followed suit, making HIM education easily accessible at the hands of prospective learners. Coding guidelines change every year, resulting in an ever-growing need for coding education that results in proper documentation and payment to providers. YES aims to provide automated education services with a practical approach, utilizing the knowledge base of our team of nationally recognized educators and experienced executives.

With countless studies detailing how staggering amounts of employees feel as though they aren’t achieving their full potential at work and could benefit from some form additional training, it is becoming more and more apparent that an organizations’ investment in continued education is extremely important (, 2016). YES aims to answer this demand with the use of our intuitive education platform of online coding courses and automated modules. These webinars can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device- making it practical from both the perspective of the provider looking to adopt automated education into their organization, as well as the employee or potential learner using the platform.

continued medical coding education

All education by YES has pre-approved CEUs with an automatically downloadable certificate available after the webinar is passed, taking the process of education-testing-recognition and streamlining it into one cohesive, user-friendly experience. All of our courses provide AHIMA and AAPC CEUs. Our Refresh with YES courses cover a wide range of ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and CPT topics, from Spinal Procedures to Obstetrical and Newborn Diagnoses, that we cultivate directly from the feedback and needs of our clients and partners.

With automation rising to the forefront of the educational efforts of today’s top companies, the benefits of adopting these methods into your company’s curriculum also continue to grow. At YES, our goal is to provide the most fluid, easy to navigate, and content-rich platform to the user. In doing this, we aim to make the transition into automated education as smooth as possible for the client or company, while maintaining our standard of top-notch education.

continued medical coding education


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