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The Value of Continued Education in the Healthcare Industry

Mari C

From the moment we take our first steps, the inherent need to learn more about the world around us begins. As healthcare professionals, continuing education is crucial and an integral part of a successful career. Many of us dread that time of year when we receive the notice that it is time to report our CEUs. Rather than dread the process, I encourage you to embrace continued education on new technology, advancements in medical innovations and most importantly the annual code updates!

This is the time of year that many of us decide on at least one resolution for the New Year. I have a suggestion, become a Dedicated Learner! Commit to learning about one new topic each month, or even one professional topic and one fun/personal topic. An example for January could be to dedicate time to learn about the 2019 CPT updates and changes. On average, it takes most individuals about 2 months to make a new habit or behavior an automatic routine.

The YES Education Team is happy to announce that we are implementing a new system for education. Our new Learning Management System (LMS) platform will be the YES HIM Education portal. The portal allows learners to access courses they register for at any time, and on any device. Learners can access and take courses via pc, laptop, tablet or mobile devices anywhere around the world!

With the LMS, all learners will have immediate access to newly created courses and learning paths (multiple courses combined together) using pre-recorded webinars, video, audio, text, surveys and assessments. CEU Forms and Certificates of Completion will be available immediately upon completion of the course or learning path. The YES HIM Education portal will also keep track of courses and learning paths that users complete, certificates will always be available for printing.

Continued Education programs and courses for 2019 include:

  • Quarterly Coding Clinic Updates
  • Quarterly CPT Assistant Updates
  • Academies – ICD-10, CPT and the newly created CDI!
  • Annual ICD-10 and CPT Updates
  • Refresh with YES – revised and updated 10 to 20 minutes versions of our 10-10 Tuesday presentations, covering 2019 hot topics by body systems, and much more!

Our Education Team looks forward to working with you. Contact us at for corporate pricing, or review our Education Catalog for more information. You can access our education portfolio on our YES Education LMS Portal site here.

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