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2020 ICD-10-PCS Update Webinar

Learn about the updated 2020 ICD-10-PCS code set – and the procedures that will be coded using them.

Learn from Ann and Teri, nation-wide recognized educators, about the new changes to the ICD-10-CM codes and guidelines, and how to apply these in your day-to-day: Meet Ann and Teri!

This course will explore the changes that will take effect on October 1, 2019, including addition of body parts, approaches, devices and qualifiers as well as some deletions from more than 50 code tables. We will also explore using the updated codes for procedures with clinical background on how the surgeries are completed and the codes used to represent them.  For example, a discussion of the treatment of intracranial aneurysms will cover how the new device value available will allow for coding a flow divertor device to disrupt blood flow into these aneurysms.  The new table in the New Technology section that includes values for drug-eluting stents will be discussed for the treatment of peripheral artery disease in the lower extremities.  The code changes will be explored in context to their applications for the procedures they will represent.

Updates to the Official Guidelines will be explored, including  with a new section of guidelines for Radiation Therapy and the addition of some exceptions for selected guidelines.

Highlights Include discussion of:

Updates to the Official Guidelines Including:

  • Exceptions for the coding of mastectomy with breast replacement and additional codes for autografts
  • Addition of new guidelines for Radiation Treatment section
  • Updates and expansion of guidelines for the New Technology section

    Updates to the Code Tables and Other Resources including:

    • Addition of body parts for the coronary arteries in the Insertion and Supplement tables
    • Addition of sinus body parts for Supplement procedures
    • Addition of the jaw body part for Extirpation in the General Anatomical Regions body system
    • New qualifier values for Bypass procedures in the Central Nervous and Cranial Nerve, Heart and Great Vessels and Upper Arteries body systems
    • Addition of a qualifier value for Transfer in the gastrointestinal body system
    • Addition of devices for the Upper Arteries, Subcutaneous Tissue and Fascia and Upper and Lower Bones body systems
    • Deletion of a qualifier and approach for selected code tables
    • Changes in the Administration section with new substances and qualifier and changes in the Monitoring for the lymphatic body system
    • Addition of an intraoperative duration for ECMO codes
    • Addition of a new qualifier for Brachytherapy codes in the Radiation Therapy section
    • New Technology Group 5 changes with addition of Devices, Substances and Technology and 2 new code tables
    • Updates to the Body Part and Device Key as well as the Device Aggregation Table

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