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Learning Path & Courses Information:

This Learning Path will review and discuss PCS Root Operations - Bypass, Dilation and Replacement coding. This three-part Learning Path will examine coding conventions and guidelines. The root operations Dilation and Bypass belong to the group:  Procedures That Alter the Diameter/Route of a Tubular Body Part. In this training, examples of tubular body parts are presented as well as examples of procedures performed in dilating body parts and procedures to reroute contents of body parts. The root operation Replacement is part of the group: Procedures That Always Involve Devices. Examples of these three root operations will be presented using Coding Clinic examples. This learning path provides 1 CEU Certificate toward 1 AHIMA CEU | Duration: 1 hour.

LP Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss body parts that may be included in the Bypass and Dilation tables
  • Define Dilation root operation and provide examples of these procedures
  • Review angioplasty and the types of stents used in dilation procedures
  • Examine the methods of dilation
  • Describe Bypass root operation and provide examples of these procedures
  • Study the Bypass Guidelines
  • Investigate enhanced tables to allow correct coding of various bypass procedures
  • Review the definition of the root operation Replacement and contrast this with Revision and other root operations that always involve a device
  • Discuss coding guidelines applicable to Replacement procedures, including B3.18 for Excision/Resection followed by Replacement
  • Review examples discussed in the Coding Clinic for these root operations

The courses included within this learning path are:

  • PCS Root Operations - Bypass
  • PCS Root Operations - Dilation
  • PCS Root Operations - Replacement

Educators: Ann Zeisset, RHIT, CCS, CCS-P and Teri Jorwic, MPH, RHIA, CCS, CCS-P, FAHIMA.